• Commercial Debt Enforcement

We can organise and manage a wide range of enforcement options to collect your current and outstanding court judgments that are up to 6 years old, including:-

High Court Enforcement
We can transfer your County Court judgments to the High Court for enforcement of the debt by a high court enforcement officer. This option is applicable to debts over £600 and not covered by the consumer credit act. The high court officer attends the commercial debtors address with a writ of fi-fa to seize debtor goods unless payment is received.

County Court Bailiff
If the debt is below £600 we can help you obtain a warrant of execution and to enforce judgments via HMCS bailiffs. The bailiff with attend the debtors address to collect payment or seize goods to the value of the debt.

Commercial Doorstep Visits
We can organise a doorstep visit to discuss repayment, repayment plans, settlement or enquire further about the debtor’s situation and report back with details on assets to the creditor.

Order to Obtain Information
An order to obtain information is not a form of enforcement which will get you your money straight away. It is a way of getting information from the defendant (called the ‘judgment debtor’) which will help you decide whether it is:

  • worthwhile taking an enforcement step; and if so,
  • which of the methods available is most likely to get you your money.

Information gained from this procedure will include status of the company debtor, income, outgoings, accounts, bank statements, balances within the bank accounts, assets owned and liabilities.

Statutory Demands & Winding Up
We can organise a statutory demand which is a formal legal document is requiring the debtor to pay off the outstanding debt within 21 days either by instalments or a lump sum or the matter can be escalated to winding up proceedings.

If you have a CCJ against a limited company or if you require enforcement advice please email info@selectcm.com or call 0871 288 5645.

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